Friday, October 17, 2008

Tiffany's Biodata

Tiffany is an NUS undergraduate pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. She is currently undertaking the role of Publications Director with NUSSU Travel Service, of which she takes charge of publishing the annual travel magazine, Globetrotter. Tiffany is also actively involved in other school activities and during the University Freshmen Orientation, she served voluntarily as Orientation Group Leader to help freshmen acculturate into the rigors of undergraduate life.

As Tiffany enjoys team work, this has allowed her to work well not only as a team leader but also a team player. Being a keen learner, Tiffany believes in making the most out of a learning journey. She has taken part in several exchange programs to countries like USA and Australia and has enjoyed the interaction with people of different cultures.

Academics aside, Tiffany continues to pursue her passion in dance. During her free time, she also loves reading and playing the piano.

*edited 8 Nov


Lyon said...

Dear Tiffany,

Your exchange experiences to countries like US and Australia is definitely going to be a plus point in you biodata! And all the best in your upcoming Globetrotter. You will feel the sense of achievement when you see your name published on the magazines(:

weiren said...

Hi Tiffany,

Oh, I do not mean to be picky but I do want to direct your attention to this statement,

"... programs to countries like USA and Australia and has enjoyed the interaction..."

I feel this statement may be a little awkward.

But on a lighter note, putting in activities you have engaged in outside school certain do make your employers feel like you have great time management. That's certainly a plus!

Good luck for your resume and cover letter!


Tiffany said...

Dear Lyon,

Thanks! I hope Globetrotter will be a success and I shall take this opportunity to thank your marketing cell in helping me source for sponsors. :)

Tiffany said...

Dear Weiren,

Thanks for pointing out that sentence. I have tried to rephrase the sentence but it all came out to sound mostly the same. Would love to hear suggestions from you as to how I can improve on it!

Pei Rong said...

Hello Tiffany,

I agreed with both Weiren and Lyon. Your experiences in overseas programs definitely would distinguish you from other people!

I saw you signing up for an interview for the summer program. Are you intending to go for that too! You are really going to impress your future employer!

Good luck for your upcoming Globetrotter too!

Sammy said...

Hi Tiffany,
I saw you have many interesting experiences in leadership roles, and oversea experiences. I think all the oversea experiences must be very enriching also. You seem to have most of the things that one can ask for as a fresh graduate. :>
It will definitely get you a good job.

Tiffany said...

Hi Pei Rong,

Yes, I remember seeing you at the Dean's office too. I guess you were signing up for Uni of Waterloo? since that is specially catered to Math majors (or Statistics in your case). Well, since I'm not the best at academics, I'm hoping that my extra curricular activities can help to give me an edge over other people. Many people say that CCAs and other extra-curricular activities are not important, but i beg to differ. Most people go through the same education track so nothing will make us stand out more than having outstanding CCA records and other out-of-school activities! Don't you agree? :)

Tiffany said...

Hi Sammy,

Thanks for your faith in me! I read through your resume last lesson and I saw that you had a lot of working experiences too! That would also be a plus point when you go out into the working world! I wish you all the best!

Brad Blackstone said...

Very informative, Tiffany. I like your mention of the learning journey. Life is certainly that, if we take advantage of it.

Hey, you're in charge of the Globetrotter! Great! tell me about that! Seriously!

hey, you have one problem with punctuation, in this phrase:

Freshmen Orientation; she served

In any case, thanks for your effort with this fine post, and through the term!

Tiffany said...

Hi Brad,

I haven't really started much with Globetrotter yet because I'm still waiting to get articles from people in various CCAs who have gone on short overseas trips.

Being someone who has travelled to many corners of the world and experienced so many different cultures, I would love to hear your advice on how I could make this issue of Globetrotter more captivating!

I also saw on your blog that Barack Obama emailed you! What an honour! And you were right about that infomercial of Obama. I found myself tearing after watching it. A fantastic video!